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Toy Export EU Needs To Pay Attention To Age Risk

Oct 04, 2017

Recently, an enterprise in Ningbo exported to Holland a number of wooden toys in the EU market set checks were judged to be substandard products encounter the EU and were forced off the shelf, caused no small loss for the enterprise. The number of products are the wooden toy car suits, some parts can be disassembled, the detection of these accessories shows the size may be inappropriate, causing children swallowing damage of these hidden “small parts”, which does not comply with the "toy safety directive" and "toy toy safety standard EN 71-1 first parts: mechanical safety and physical performance requirements".

After investigation, the toy export enterprises have a strong sense of quality, product brand has been recognized in europe. Before the export of this batch of products, they also carried out professional third party inspection and passed smoothly according to European toy standards. According to the sample packaging information provided by the EU, the product packaging and product safety labeling is also more standardized, clearly marked for the age of 3 years of age or above children. According to the requirements of EN 71, under 3 years old toys is not allowed to contain small parts, but the above 3 years old children's toys may contain small parts, as long as add corresponding warning signs of risk control, and the toy set has clearly marked the "small parts dangerous" warning and warning signs.

However, the Holland authorities did not recognize the age mark of the enterprise during the sampling and gave a special reply to the question of age determination. Relevant information from the EU provide visible, EU identification of age have a special toy standard and the basis of the CEN-ISO/TR8124-8:2016 "guide" and "CR14379 age verification toy classification guide" . according to the specification, the products comply with the rules will be identified as the children under the age of 3 can also contains : small number, easy to operate, light weight, simple operation. therefore, Holland has found this batch of products should be identified as suitable for children under 3 years old that is not allowed to contain does not comply with the safety requirements of small parts of toys, and requiring importers to withdraw from the market. The toys for age disputes triggered notification of the "off the shelf" incident, not only adversely affect the export enterprises, but also shows that the EU market for toys and other supplies of children's supervision will be more stringent.

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