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There Is A Sad Story Behind This Toy Without Batteries

Oct 11, 2017

In September 1, 1914, a biologist at the Cincinnati zoo, surrounded by a bird, watched the beautiful bird die silently. The bird was named Martha (Martha), commonly known as the wandering bird.  Martha is the last bird of the kind. Its death shows that there is another species missing in the big family of birds of the biological community.


To commemorate the birds to disappear forever, under the name of "Martha", Haptic Lab created the bamboo and paper manufacturing model -- The Flying Martha Ornithopter toys (Martha ornithopter flying)

"Flying Martha" consists of a slender bamboo pole as a skeleton, thin paper as wings, and a rubber band that rotates as a power source. After a lot of research and experimentation, Martha's flight was very close to the real wandering bird.


Haptic Lab believes that this little toy represents the role that people play in changing the world rapidly. "Just like in our other project Haptic Lab does, Martha ornithopter flying the hope of people's living environment is connected with the entire planet, we not only live in the home, city and society, we also live in the earth and all living creatures".

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