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The Canadian Toy Company's Share Price Has Risen By 56% A Year By Selling This Toy

Oct 26, 2017

By selling this toy, the Canadian toy company's share price has risen by 56% a year

A year later, Americans still want to buy last year's toy the Hatchimals, which is the hot cake of last year.


Its’ price is around $60, it looks like an egg at the begining, after knocking, touching and press it for half an hour, a strange creature will cut broken shell with buyers’ help, and continue to talk, walk around.

Last year, in Amazon, hatchimals was selled to more than $200, and eBay even said they sold a Hatchimal. every 30 seconds at last year’s black Friday.

The shares of spin master, a Canadian toy company, soared to higher price becuase of this, and this year their share price rose by 56%, reaching a market value of $5 billion 210 million.


This year, spin master launched three new products. Hatchimals suprise's egg size is the same as last year, but the eggs of the creatures become into a pair of twins. The price also rose from $60 to $74.99. 


The other is a smaller version of the hatchimals, more and more family love the things that is relatively cheap, full of surprises and small toys, obviously, Spin Master also wants to attract those who don't want to spend too much money on toys. Now one set of this toy costs only $9.


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