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Statue Of Jackie Chan Attacks

Aug 23, 2017

Jackie Chan is enthusiastic with public charity. In 2004, he was the United Nations Children's Fund Goodwill Ambassador [15]. 2006 selected "Forbes" magazine named the "top ten charity star!

 With our respect to him, the statue of Jackie Chan was a wonderful artwork, we are proud of making 3D design, molding and producing for such a brilliant actor. 


character background:

Jackie Chan, born in April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong Central and Western District, China actor, director, action guide, producer, screenwriter, singer.


1971 as a martial arts identity he step into the film circle [1]. 1976 in the action film "new fine martial arts" as the actor. In 1978 the starring action film "snake-like", "Drunken Master" marks the beginning of Kung Fu comedy [2]. 1980 self-directed action film "Young brother" won the Hong Kong annual box office champion [3]. 1985 starring comedy action film "Summer Fuxing" to break Hong Kong films in Hong Kong box office records [4]. 1986 self-directed action film "police story" won the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film Award [5]. In 1991 as the drama "Ruan Lingyu" producer. In 1992 released his first Mandarin album "first time". 1993 with the gangster film "serious case" won the 30th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for best actor [6].


1995 with action film "Red Fan" step into the United States Hollywood [7]. 1998 starred in the action film "spikes" to lay his position in Hollywood [8]. 2001 starring comedy action film "Rush moment 2" hit the Chinese actor starred in Hollywood film box office record [9]. In 2005 won the 8th Shanghai International Film Festival Chinese Film Outstanding Contribution Award [10]. 2010 won the 54th Asia-Pacific Film Festival Outstanding Film Achievement Award [11]. 2012 by the United States, "The New York Times" named "the history of the 20 greatest action movie star first" [12]. 2013 with the action film "Zodiac" won the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Action Design Award [13]. 2016 starring comedy action film "Railway Flying Tiger" [14].


Jackie Chan is good at comic style of action comedy; as of 2016, its starring in the film's total box office has more than 20 billion yuan.

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