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Should Old Plastic Toys Be Thrown?

Jun 06, 2017

1. Not completely obsolete old toys, we can clean, let the toys into a large toy box in the winter, so that the child will not be old toys, long time, and then take out, the child will have a kind of excitement and impulse to play these toys.

2. There are also some toys that can be modified to allow parents to bring their children to the toy makeover, let these toys upgrade again, so that parents and children together to witness the miracle of the moment.

3. You can take pictures of old toys, put them on Taobao or second-hand trading sites, or exchange them for something you need, maybe you don't need what other people are looking for?

4. If the number of toys at home is more, it is really not suitable for children to play, then throw a pity to waste the renminbi ah, then this time we can through some community contact, these toys donated to children in poor mountainous areas, so that they also have a fun childhood.

Now everyone advocates the conservation of environmental protection, in the resource shortage today, we should start from the small side, do the resource recycling, can be old plastic toys transfer or donated to some people in need, so not only can help families to deal with some unwanted old toys, but also to a certain extent to improve children and sharing consciousness.

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