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Several Important Features Of Garage Kit

Jun 06, 2017

1. Garage Kit is not a mass production, a set of Garage Kit molds can only produce about 20-25 products, if the need to reproduce the model to reopen.

2. Garage Kit raw materials, which is also a distinction is not the most important factor Garage Kit, Garage Kit raw materials mostly using high-grade PU foam resin.

3. Garage Kit performance is very strong, such as subtle facial expressions, stockings wrinkles and so on all lifelike ...

4. Due to the completion of the processing needs a lot of manpower, so Garage Kit is generally not finished goods, even if the finished goods sold in the price and time is also more!

5. Other Plastic materials (PVC PS ABS ABC) such as Models/dolls can not be called Garage Kit.

PS: Now many businesses in order to publicize their goods, will say that the hands do, in fact should be called the model/doll.

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