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Richard's Adventures A Sentimental Growing Fairy Tale

Oct 19, 2017


The German animated film "Richard adventure" was nominated for the sixty-seventh Berlin Film Festival new generation unit, and the nomination of the twentieth Shanghai International Film Festival Jin Jue Award for Best Animation Award, although there is no prize in return, but earned a wide range of opportunities in the mainland cinemas , howvere it also did not provoke large viewing response.

"Richard big adventure" was introduced to the "bird general mobilization" as the title, it is easy to let the audience think that Picks is rubbed in the name of "XX mobilization" of the animated film heat. But the new version of Richard's adventure is still reminiscent of the same bird animated series Rio adventure.


The movie "Richard the Stork" originally, seemingly dull, actually has meaning, or can be translated as "Richard: just want to be the stork sparrow", it just come too obvious, also slightly verbose.


Compared with the players in North America, small and medium cost European animation films, even struggling to catch up in the visual effect, the gap with the Hollywood animation film is still obvious. The bird animal as the protagonist of several Hollywood animated films, such as "the Owl Kingdom: Legend of the guardians" (2010), "Rio" (2011), "Rio 2" (2014), "angry birds" (2016), "funny bird flying" (Gaiden: Adorable treasure 2016), there are both realistic style of freehand brushwork, technology strategy is very mature.


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