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POP MART The Trend Toys's Developping Road Of Retail And Entertainment Empire

Mar 26, 2018


                                                         Founder of POP MART Wang Ning

Toys originally belonged to the world of children, but the fans of POP Mart were mentally mature adults such as office workers and white-collar workers. They were the next-generation consumers who had the ability to determine the future consumption of weathervane. Today, Wang Ning has the envy of all this - a powerful POP Mate fan group, a large number of exclusive copyright trends IP signed artists, as well as in the first and second tier cities in the mainstream shopping district, shopping malls retail channels. Because of the different shapes of the toys, Pop Mart actually built a complex and fascinating business world.

At the beginning of the establishment of POP MART, reference was made to the Hong Kong fashion supermarket LOG-ON, which sold all interesting and novel cultural and creative products, toys and groceries. According to Wang Ning's vision, POPMART should one day become the iconic brand in the trend grocery industry, Watsons and Sephora in the trend grocery industry. Therefore, PopMart screened a group of genuine authorized agents and large brand suppliers to cooperate.

However, the biggest problem with this type of model is that, as a channel provider, POPMart’s profits are not high, and most of the brands they represent do not have exclusive advantages. Even these brands sell products on the Internet at a lower price. In addition, only selling agency brands is difficult to create stickiness with customers. “We are a platform retailer. Customers even like the products in the store, but he will only recognize the brand and will not have any links with you.” In other words, POPMart has not yet formed a strong channel value and brand value. Its attachment to the product is far greater than the product's attachment to POPMart.

After investigation, Wang Ning found that a new generation of consumers has a strong psychological demand for “collecting”. Just like consumers like to collect stamps 20 years ago, consumers now prefer to collect a series of artist toys because artists Toys are more than simple toys. They integrate art and trend, and have more collection and social value.

"This is actually a very interesting thing. You will find that this is not just a simple commodity. It is also attached to emotions. The product must have emotional attributes and emotional value. This is very important."

PS: You could see ur own patent toys Mr Wawoo in POPMART stores

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