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Plastic Toys To Buy Common Sense

Jun 06, 2017

1. Plastic toys are packed in exquisite packaging. Packaging, whether sealed or printed, should be impeccable. If you encounter the packaging above the picture text is a piece of confusion, that is not a genuine product. The idea of pirated toys and genuine packaging is not uniform, pay attention to the official website may be the supply of packaging drawings.

2. If it is online shopping, we supply a similar picture, then look at the price. Original, genuine quotes are not too cheap, since ancient times have a word, a penny a penny.

3. About tail goods. Many people love to buy tail goods, feel cheap. China is the world's largest factory, many foreign companies of the concept of plastic toys are running China to find toys factory processing, plastic toys processing, so out of some of the rules of the defective product is not a new thing. However, the idea of toys, the idea of the technical content of toys may be very high or low, so the foundation is not common with bulk and tail goods. Many end goods are actually imitation goods perhaps with a single.

4. Some toys are printed in Chinese version, Asian Chinese version of the text. Look like the original licensing, look carefully at the original trademark, perhaps not the original authorization of the trademark circle C may ring R. Many of the licensing version is a security sticker, this should also be noted.

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