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Pixar The DNA Of Growing Up, Romantic Flip With Coco

Dec 04, 2017


The "Coco" broke the significance of Pixar more than once ......

What would you do if given you an opportunity to see loved ones who passed away?


In less than two hours of film, Pixar touted this "ghost story" gorgeous romance, all the audience moved to cry.


Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, the film tells the story of a young boy who loves music, Miguel and lofty musician Hector, opening up a marvelous adventure in a colorful and mysterious world.

This is a real "big makeover" by Pixar. It is not easy to bring the Day of the Dead to the screen because, for Mexicans, the Day of the Dead is a very important holiday. On this day, people singing and dancing, marigold petals sprinkled on the ground, to guide their loved ones return from the underworld.


Just as with Pixar's classics, The Coco is still a story about growth, but it's wrapped in an unexpectedly fantastic shell, which is why it's so popular.

For Pixar, the breakthrough of "Coco" lies in the excavation of universal human emotions, which is still playing a whimsy, which makes people look forward to its future height.

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