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Parents Complain The Costume Of Halloween Is Too Terrible

Oct 27, 2017

Halloween is coming soon, estimates that there are now many countries in Europe and America the kids in the bustling Halloween preparations, such as buy home layout, buy candy, and of course the most important, it is ready to wear clothing for Halloween night.

A survey of 1006 British parents found that 84% of British families celebrated Halloween, and 94% of them gave their children Halloween costumes.

For children, Halloween is also an annual competition. In order to not lose face in the Halloween party , they will carefully prepare themselves well and can reflect their own personalized clothing. For most of the parents, direct to the children to buy one from the shop is the most convenient and insurance method.

But this year, for businesses selling Halloween costumes in Britain, this year's business is really tiring, because there are too many complaints.

This year the major retailers launched Halloween costumes, the forum mentioned a survey, the results of 2/3 parents complain that the Halloween costumes for young children is terrible. Last year, the result was 48%. The survey also said that 1/5's parents say Halloween is becoming more and more evil, and 2/5 parents feel that Halloween costumes are no longer close to traditional Halloween themes, just pure horror. Let us look some of them.



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