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On The Eve Of Christmas 2017, Amazon And Toy Retailers Launched Two Popular Gift Toys

Nov 01, 2017

On the eve of Christmas 2017, Amazon and toy retailers launched two popular gift toys

There is nothing like the joy of opening the box every day before christmas. The advent calendar is a commodity box for Christmas. Since December 1st, children have been disassembled every day until Christmas day.

As time went on, the advent calendar gift box changed. Traditionally, cheap granular chocolate is replaced by a variety of products, such as alcoholic drinks, fancy cosmetics, and even Lego bricks.

Here are two very popular advent toy boxes:

Lego "Star Wars" advent calendar box, 32.99 pounds in general


Lego launched the advent calendar gift box that allows children to receive different Star Wars characters, vehicles, or starship toys every day.

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers advent calendar box, 24.99 pounds in general


The Argos comes with 24 kinds of toys, including Dudu cars and Mini Christmas books.

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