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Layoffs Truth Of Robot Company Sphero

Jan 29, 2018

The American robot venture Sphero, founded in 2010, is headquartered in Colorado, and has launched a number of intelligent robot toys. In 2014, the company formally entered the education robot industry and launched the SPRK education course. And in 2015, get more than $45 million in financing, it is worth noting that Disney is also in the list of investors.

According to foreign media reports, last year, Sphero launched a series of products with Disney's help, including Star Wars robot, Spiderman and Lightning McQueen robot. But in last year's holiday sales promotion, its sales did not reach its expectations. Recently, the company has laid off 45 people around the world, which may have affected the operation of the company.

On the surface, the move is a retreat for the company. But for those who have been concerned about their development, this is a little surprise.

The spokesman said: "for the company, this will be an opportunity for development. Although the company is still young,  the continuous development of the company is the continuous investment in the field of education. It also allows us to devote more energy to the field. "


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