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Lamassu Sculpture In The British Museum

Sep 04, 2017

British Museum is the oldest and most comprehensive museum in the world. It is located in London, England. The museum was founded in 1753 and opened to the public in 1759. It has many collections of cultural relics and books and treasures from all over the world, and its collection and variety are rare for museums around the world.

People who have been to the museum must have no wonder about the stone carving of a human face in the museum. It is a sculpture with a human face - Lamassu (Rama Su)

They have wings, can fly, and have great power to defend the Assyrian temples and palaces. Ramasu was called "the ox of Assyria", one of the Assyrian's main gods, and his face was said to have been carved in accordance with the image of King David II of the king.

Shanghai Dafan creative design/Tang Wei toys working together for the British Museum production of Lamasu souvenirs, highly express its charm in exquisite artwork.

The Lamassu souvenir can be used as a bookshelf or as a decorative art. No matter where it is, it is full of momentum and strength!

Let's take a look over these high class resin artwork.

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