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Kiss Spiderman While Drinking

Sep 28, 2017

In this modern times, the level of drinks is no longer single, green tea is no longer only green tea, as well as milk green tea...... All kinds of drinks emerge in an endless stream. Our taste buds are gradually becoming tasteless, but they do not give up new ways and new sensations to stimulate taste buds. There's a creative called:

Straws are crazy.


This is a wave of subversion of the traditional "black technology" straw.


"The greater the power, the heavier the responsibility."!" ,

Marvel, Spiderman, to save your taste buds.

When straw meets spider man, he's going to change!

1505888560226412 (1).jpg

Designers combine classic Spider Man images, a small black straw becomes unusual. After the designer's exact design, you can kiss the spider man while you're having a drink!



With a variety of creative cartoon, there is ice age in the wild and adventure, and a mysterious captain Jack, Shanghai Dafan creative design/ Tangwei toys bring you wonderful drink time.



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