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Irregular Thermal Transfer Technology Breakthrough --- Notes For Working With British &American Tobacco Camel Character

Aug 18, 2017

Shanghai Tang Wei toys factory has built working relationship with and the British&American tobacco companies, and cooperated with their Swiss design headquarters to Design and development the logo on camel brand of cigarettes --- Character camel in various countries of the crafts related products development.


This item, its' height is 28.9cm, 35cm wide, with Camel brand cigarettes logo exactly the same, Shanghai Tang Wei toys factory, using of 3D modeling technology, has made a successful proofing. While many other suppliers has to finish the sample at least 6 months.


In addition, the Swiss headquarters requested for each camel on the pattern must be the art of design. Traditional crafts, regardless of water stickers, thermal transfer, are unable to meet the requirements. Our company through technology research and development, and finally break through the traditional technical bottlenecks to achieve the irregular three-dimensional pattern. By seamless printing on the whole body, Tangwei toys factory has obtained a leading position in this industry in China. The following are sample pictures:




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