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Hamleys Seetled In Beijing's Wangfujing Department Store

Mar 09, 2018

Hamleys, a British hundred year toy store, settled in Beijing's Wangfujing department store

Through the first half year of the renovation, the Wangfujing department store introduced into the British 258 years old HAMLEYS on the toy store officially. The scene of a toy store, not only create a vivid scene for children, but also make the adults want to stay longer.


Hamleys is known as the largest toy store in the world. The toy store, founded in 1760, attracts 5 million visitors a year. The royal family is also an old customer here. When the queen Elizabeth S is a little girl, her mother, the Duchess of York, often takes her to Hamleys to buy toys. Many Hollywood stars are also a regular in this toy store.

The head of the department store said that through the combination of the global super scene toy store and the scene sale, the complementary advantages of different formats can be realized, and the transformation of Beijing department store "younger, fashion and family" will be completed.

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