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Jun 06, 2017

In recent years, a variety of anime cartoon image, deeply loved by people, such as Robot Cat, Fuwa, Peach Tai, Altman and so on animation image and some active in the film and television Art of comedy stars, all through the sculpture art into three-dimensional image.

Cartoon sculpture is the use of exaggeration, deformation and other methods, the characters, animals and other objects to shape the behavior, such as the image of Mickey Mouse and other stereo modeling is cartoon sculpture. Sculpture is the concept of carving, cutting, carving, grinding, plastic and other means of making a real volume of various artistic images, always known as sculpture. Today, cartoon sculpture has entered the human life, such as the three-dimensional shape of Fuwa.

Cartoon statue also known as cartoon portrait, soft Tao idol, clay Doll, the use of imported ceramic mud by professional sculptor according to my photos pure hand pinch system, its characteristics of personality, fashion, can be long outside storage, and does not change color, is a birthday gift, wedding gifts, commemorative gifts, personalized choice for the preferred gift, very popular with people, love!

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