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By Year 2020 Amazon Will Replace Argos As The Largest Toy Retailer In The UK Market

Nov 11, 2017

According to GlobalData research data shows that by 2020, Britain will see the toys and games products market growth of 16.2%, market capitalization of nearly 5 billion pounds, and Amazon will replace Argos to become the UK's largest toy retailer.

GlobalData report shows that from 2017 to 2022, the electricity supplier sales will account for 84.1% of the total retail sales of the toy industry. Moreover, Amazon is currently catching up with Argos, and will surpass Argos in 2020 to become the largest toy retailer in the UK. In 2017, 51.4% of toys and game shoppers visited the Amazon platform in the uk.

Molly Retail, a senior retail analyst at GlobalData Johnson-Jones, said: "Amazon has successfully increased customer loyalty with the help of Prime services and a wide range of products. This year, Amazon has a much lower price for toys than other competitors, and its range of categories is nowhere to be seen, and its convenience for consumers is also the first on the market."

In-depth analysis found that electronic toys and traditional toys will also promote the strong growth of the toy market in the next 5 years. Electronic toys are expected to account for 13.1% of the toy market in 2020, and the market share of Arts and crafts toys, building blocks, toys and cards will be 30.5%.

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