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Animation Toys Industry Analysis

Jun 06, 2017

The United States and Japan is a powerful animation toy production, has formed a complete set of mature derivative products business operation mode. such as the Disney cartoon in the launch of the screen a few days ago, there are toys in the market sales, derivative toy products sales in turn promote the creation of animation, thus forming a virtuous circle, has become a mature industry chain.

In contrast, the development of China's animation industry is still a lot of shackles, although the state of the animation industry to give policy support, but still face the animation industry can not with toys and other industries in the dilemma, domestic animation around the toy industry most enterprises or the use of the United States and Japan, and other countries of the cartoon image, one of the reasons is the fans of the United States and Japan's favorite anime, in the final analysis, to develop the domestic animation industry chain, the most basic or from the original image animation.

With the popularity of popular literature and entertainment, as a life, the character of the animation toys, has a large number of lovers, and loyal to the cultivation of customers is relatively easy, so animation toys is "money seductive."

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