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After Creating A Guinness World Record The Two New Products Also Full Of Surprise

Feb 10, 2018

With the advent of the age of intelligence, the market for electronic toys has a broad prospect

In August 2017, Dobi successfully in Guangzhou Weili Intelligent Robot Challenge "most robot dancing at the same time the Guinness world record, maxed circle of friends; and in the days before the Hongkong toy fair, Weili has brought two paragraph quite aspect toy products.

Let's take a look at this intelligent little guy -- cubee Fang Xiaofang intelligent entertainment robot. The product has a flexible motion steering gear, a cute appearance and many kinds of sensors. It can be played by APP.

640 (1).gif

Weili intelligent general manager Cai Weidong said, the first generation of cubee is small by the market in the last year launched a berserk, even on the market there are a lot of imitation goods; this year launched an upgraded version of the small square, more intelligent, more playability, has attracted many domestic and foreign buyers pay attention to.


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