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3D Real-Glue Toys

Jun 06, 2017

Plastic Toys Doll advertised the era of individuality, even doll toys to raise the banner of individuality, and the appearance of ugly, short, the sinister, perhaps is the pronoun of personality, the doll mainly refers to the meaning of dolls, in recent years, there is an approximate real-time doll gradually popular, public Aberdeen brand such as: orange impression, this type of doll and other dolls are more different is that these guys are quite their own personality.

This real doll is also called "Cartoon Clone Doll", customers only need to provide a picture of the facial features can be customized to their own small sculpture, this product used in the material is soft pottery, a synthetic clay, after high-temperature baking can be stereotyped, products can be long placed not deformed, do not fade, strong value for today's most fashionable doll type!

Rubber-lined toys have started in the animation industry, this is why? Because the animation industry to the cartoon character image requirements can be in 100%, and plush toys have begun to reach this class; can only be completed in the factory where the Q version, and the process and accessories are not always able to show the toys to express all the movements and forms, and plastic toys can be based on this mold and mold to create, the process is more accurate.

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