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What is the magic power of the Feisty Pets which has long been ranked the first sold by Amazon

Nov 06, 2017

If you want to select the most interesting toys overseas in 2017, Feisty Pets will undoubtedly win the championship. With a pinched face, turn to fierce in second and contrast adorable characteristic, this magic doll popular overseas Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms, and ranked first in the world of electronic business platform selling in amazon.


Take Facbook social platform as an example, Feisty Pets Related videos accumulated tens of thousands of, most of consumers are purchased after the creation of interesting video.

And in the Amazon plush toy TOP10 hot list, Feisty Pets of different styles accounted for as many as 5 seats, unicorn style is the first to occupy Plush list for the first time.


It is understood that naughty (Feisty Pets) is a plush toy launched by the WMC company of United States. Besides its lovely appearance, as long as you pinch the baby's back of the brain, it will immediately turned into another face.


Now this cute toy will soon enter into China market from its exclusive channels. 

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