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What do you do with garage kit?

Aug 28, 2017

Hand--especially uncoated resin module kits, is a collection model. The original English text for Garage Kits (gk), is a set of modular means.

The model kit, which is not colored and assembled, requires the player to Polish, assemble, and paint a series of complex processes, and is much more difficult than the general model, the main material is resin. Later, because of misunderstanding, the hand is also used to refer to the completion of all the resin material of the human work, but its original meaning is specifically the uncoated mold. There are also said that are used to refer to the human form, that is, all collectible character models. Hand-run is generally divided into several kinds.

Because the complexity of the open mold has a very high degree of difficulty, so the price is generally very expensive. Because of the characteristics of resin materials, very suitable for the performance of very detailed parts and characters. Most of the hands are provided by the factory semi-finished products Bai Mo, need to do their own polishing, assembling, painting a series of complex processes, and much more difficult than the general model. In terms of color alone, a certain amount of fine art and an expensive painting tool such as pens are needed.

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