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Toy R Us Founder goes with his toy empire

Mar 26, 2018

Toy R Us Founder goes with his toy empire

Many of the most memorable characters have left us recently. The difference is this one you may be unfamiliar with this name. It is more familiar to him that he founded the Toy Empire: Toys “R” Us.

 charles lazarus.jpg

On March 22, 2018, Eastern Time, Charles Lazarus, the founder of U.S. toy chain Toys R Us, passed away and enjoyed his birthday at 94. And he founded Toys R Us, the 70-year-old retailer and one of the nation’s largest toy retailers, who just announced bankruptcy and liquidation not long ago.

Forbes magazine once said that Lazarus was one of the most wise retailers. He founded Toys R Us and brought more happiness to children in half a century. The bankruptcy of Toy R Us may be a footnote for the end of an era toy industry. Founder Lazarus will also follow this era.


Toys R Us wrote in the statement, “There is nothing more heartbreaking than the death of founder Lazarus. We will always remember his optimism, enthusiasm and love for children all over the world.”


Now Toys R Us still has more than 140 stores in China. It is hoped that the legacy of Lazarus will continue to bring happiness to the children.

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