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The photographer brought the film characters to reality with toys

Sep 25, 2017

The photographer of the U.S. state of California Mitchell (Mitchel Wu) through the use of toys, daily necessities, and the family's love cartoon characters arranged in a variety of "a powerful and unconstrained style" scene, and produced many lovely photos.



If you think these pictures are made of software, that's understandable. But whether it's "dusty" or "liquid overflowing" scenes, they are actually made by Mitchell with plastic toys and daily necessities. The wedding photographer brought "Toy Story", "Star Wars", "aliens" and "the Muppets" and other characters from the film to the surreal scene


Mitchell said he liked to create scenes and stories for different characters and toys, and that shooting would depend on the mood of the day and what he wanted to tell him about the day.


Mitchell said: "in the past what people see in advertisements are static toys photos, rather than like vivid toys as, even adults who seriously see my photos will laugh."


Each photo takes about 2 to 6 hours to complete.



For Mitchell, the "liquid splash" scene is the most challenging, he chose to shoot water, milk and coffee, and the liquid is spilled out of the state it is difficult to grasp..



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