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The most popular toy authorized brands announced in the seven toy markets of the United States and Europe

Mar 29, 2018

The most popular toy authorized brands announced in the seven toy markets of the United States and Europe 

Authorized toys are the general merchandise category of major toy channels and are popular with consumers. Recently, the local toy licensing agencies in the major toy markets in Europe and America have successively released the latest popular authorized brand rankings in various countries.

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Of the most popular authorized brands released by the European and American countries, the most frequent ones are the “Little Pajamas” (3 times) from eOne, “The Barefooted Team”, “Star Wars” and “Pig Peggy”. And so on appeared twice.


Licensing can quickly increase public awareness of a product and is still one of the most successful marketing tools. The relevant agencies expect that by 2020, authorized toys will grow by 14%, which is more dynamic than traditional non-authorized toys.


China has become the world’s second-largest toy consumer market after the United States. “IPO Baron” and “Pig Peggy” quickly became popular after IP was introduced into China; and with the rise of domestic animation, “bears are haunted”, Domestic IP such as "Super Panter" and "Pig Swine" has also grown rapidly.

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