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The founder comeback as CEO of Ali parent company Dream city after loss of 30 million in 3 years

Nov 30, 2017


Shake a big tail, the memory of Ali is a always wearing white underwear, a little cheap red fox......

It was a national web celebrity, accompanied by a generation of people, last year, the mother company Dream City has also been approved by the capital market, smoothly landing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. But today, it is difficult for you to feel the kind of grand Ali year.


The little fox is plagued by a variety of problems, such as the loss of performance, the unclear strategy of the company, and so on.

In contrast, Japan Kumamon bears the derivatives sales reached 100 billion 700 million yen in 2015; Japan Sanrio fiscal year 2014 show the company's revenue 74 billion 562 million yen, most are derived from the IP Hello Kitty brand authorization.

As a curiosity, over the past ten years it is still not forgotten IP, Ali is undoubtedly a success. But with the same authorization as the main revenue of the national level IP, why Ali's cashability with Japan Kumamon bears, Hello Kitty had so much difference?

In the key moment, Ali image creator, but also the founder of dream city Hans (Xu Han) comeback, as the company's CEO.

We are looking forward to see  Ali can perk up after Hans coming back, that the dream city will become a great company.

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