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The explosion in the toy store this year may be a variety of poops toys

Feb 09, 2018

Do you know what's the most popular toy last year?

A purple monkey that can fart.


At the end of the Christmas season, the purple monkey named Pull My Finger was on hot sale . Its play is very simple, rotating the turntable, according to the number of changes to the monkey's ass inflated, who first let it "fart" even who wins. Sounds a bit boring, but it got toysrus (Toys R Us) of the Christmas season sales champion, American supermarket chain  Target even hang out each one can only purchase two at the most, YouTube related toys monthly watch video Number 1 million 400 thousand, which shows the popularity.

TTPM President Jim Silver, the president of the toy review website, even called 2018 "the year of toilet collection", thought it would be the trend of the year.

A lot of companies have been put in. Basic Fun, a toy company, has launched a new toy brand, Poopeez, which is all related to the toilet.


The high acceptance of young new generation parents to such toys is also a major reason. It is even the toilet toy gives the significance of education, Doggie Doo is considered to be a sense of responsibility to teach people to pick up dog poop.

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