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Ten billion market behind League of Legends

Oct 31, 2017

Ten billion market behind "League of Legends"

Since the birth of the "LOL", accompanied by the explosive growth of income, it is going too far to catch up by others in the game field. According to Tencent in the second quarter of 2017 earnings, online game revenue growth of 39%, reaching 23 billion 861 million yuan. Among them, the "LOL" set outstanding service.


Little is known, with the "LOL" and its rapid development of the game field, the derived from the content of entrepreneurship, has been rapid grown, and in initial scale.

The content industry behind "LOL"

"LOL" game itself is how successful, the media has been discussed too much, 200 million registered users scale, plus tens of millions of DAU behind, all kinds of data is still rising.

Behind this huge IP, it is borning with a plurality of small IP, eventually combined into a huge and complete game shows including ecology, types of gaming, game commentary, games, games such as anchor, content form including live events, broadcast, video, graphics and other short.

According to conservative estimates, the entire market related to the LOL has reached as high as 10 billion.

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