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Simon's cat the copyright party plans to promote brand licensing in China

Mar 15, 2018

The number of fans in the world is more than 14 million, YouTube "most popular animation TOP 10", video clicks 935 million, Facebook video clicks more than 500 million... Born in 2007, Simon's cat (Simon 's Cat) has grown to become the famous IP in Europe and America with the development of the two platforms of Youtube and Facebook. Its copyright owners plan to push forward the brand licensing business in China.


In addition to the "Simon" (Simon) and "Simon cat" (Simon s Cat), the IP also includes a series of short films created and his love to kill the cat Kitten, admiring the object Chloe, every bully Sir Royston more than 10, formed a huge "Simon cat family" (The Simon s Cat Family).

simon's cat.jpg

The continuous update of the animated short film has promoted the update of the brand design guide and the iteration of the derivatives. Since 2009, Simon's cat has been sold to more than 30 countries in the world, and its sales volume has reached 1 million 700 thousand copies. It has also launched various products such as children's toys, household products, clothing, backpacks, stationery, pet products and so on.



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