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Molding process of rubber-lined

Jun 06, 2017

Plastic Toys Molding technology is the first choice of PVC toys. Used for the production of rubber pulp materials by a variety of components, in the meantime, the primary use of PVC powder, plasticizers, hard oil, heat-resistant oil, jing agent, release agent and color powder, and other, will also be based on other needs to participate in a variety of auxiliaries.

PVC Powder: Solid powder status, usually PVC powder industrial trademarks are the size of the molecular weight difference, but briefly speaking, can be divided roughly into coarse powder and fine powder.

Auxiliaries: The effect is usually to improve the processing function, improve the use of functions, extend the use of life, reduce the cost of products, and PVC additives are divided into plasticizers and stabilizers. Shortage of stabilizer, plastic products simple discoloration, and stabilizer has two kinds: jing agent, heat-resistant oil.

Toner: Usually the pigment is slack in the plasticizer before it is used. Slack color material is the use of three-axis grinder. However, some of the toys can be used in the rubber-lined parts usually used to process toy dolls (usually hollow, there are also solid, and some of the products are toys doll of all the body, some only toys doll body of a certain or accessories (such as doll head, limbs, etc.).

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