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MIT's new early education method: learn programming with wooden toys

Oct 08, 2017


Computers are a paradox for Kids: staring at the screen for long periods of time can damage vision, but early childhood education has become increasingly difficult to leave the computer.

The American Pediatrics Academy of (American) believes that children should be restricted to the computer and television screens, and children under the age of 5 are allowed to watch TV for up to 1 hours a day.

Recently, Media Lab MIT (MIT Media Lab) researcher Kimberly Smith (Kimberly Smith) made a set of wooden toys Learning Beautiful, to cultivate their interest in programming with computer contact way.


Inspired by Montessori's Montessori method, she felt that the education of children should follow their natural instincts, so she devised such a program for early childhood toys.

The toy now has 7 series, each of which contains a basic programming knowledge.


Learning Beautiful has received a $15000 grant from the MIT MIT DesignX accelerator, and has now begun its first round of production and is expected to be available on the market by 2018.

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