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Lego toy pack Women of NASA topped the list of Amazon's top selling toys

Nov 12, 2017

Lego toy pack Women of NASA topped the list of Amazon's top selling toys


Sally Ride created history in 1983 and became the first American woman to go into space. Now, she and three other NASA pioneers are honored to have their own Lego toy image. This week, "Women of NASA" Lego Playsets officially on sale, and soon became the Amazon best-selling toys, and once at the top of the first name of the Amazon best-selling toys and games list.

In addition to Sally Ride, the other two NASA female heroes are: astronomer Nancy G Roman (referred to as the "mother" of the Harbert telescope (Hamilton) and computer scientist Margaret who has written code to help Apollo 11  ). The package also includes a Lego spaceship.


The success of "Women of NASA" toy proves one fact, that the girls not just want to see women as "clothes rack" toy image, they also hope that women are more diverse characters.

The protests to lack of female roles in the film products on the market  also proved the same point of view, such as "Star Wars" Rey, "the Milky Way guard" card magic pull and Marvel's black widow. Girls love to play with these women's role toys simply because they can satisfy their desires.

Now there are more and more women can do the work that only men did before, gender stereotypes will gradually be abandoned, which will be a trend for product development in the future.

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