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Lego launches women's role block dolls into four NASA scientists

Oct 24, 2017

Lego launches women's role block dolls into four NASA scientists

Toy companies have to start getting rid of stereotypes of women......

Last year, the social network triggered boom Lego project "Women of NASA" dolls finally forming. The figures series are to commemorate the NASA of female scientists and astronauts, starting to launch in New York on October 28th, then to the global market in November 1st, the retail price of $25.


The new series a total of 231 pieces of wood, can be composed of 4 scientists of female characters, including Nancy Grace Roman, known as "The mother of the Harbert space telescope" ,  Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, Apollo 11 landing software architect Margaret Hamilton, and one on the space of African American women Mae Jemison.

"Harvard Business Week" was also explored this phenomenon, said the role of women in the company and Lego may stereotypes of male leaders. And most of them keep girls can only have some sweet pink toys impression. With the development of society and gender equality awareness (such as female superhero movies in a more and more important role), toy companies have begun to pay more attention to the female audience, not only is Lego, Mattel and HASBRO are also in the past few years have launched a number of brave and strong female characters, such as Transformers women.

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