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Humanoid price Reference

Jul 17, 2017

Human form, often referred to as a hand or figure, refers to a modern collection of character models, which may also refer to models of automobiles, buildings, videos, plants, insects, paleontology or utopian things. In the Chinese area mainly refers to the ACGN role for the prototype of the character model-type animation around, because ACGN enthusiasts more and more, the quality and artistry of the human figure is also more and more high, the human form of the collection is also growing.

The following price ranges are just a list of general conditions for reference only:

Below 3000 yen (box egg, food play; Jingping)

2800-5000 yen (small movable shape such as Figma, runner technology, Clay man; 1/10 small proportional pf)

5000-10000 yen (General pf, GK)

10000-20000 yen (more expensive PF, GK; fan GK; resin and other materials finishing products)

More than 20000 yen (fan GK, resin and other materials finishing products, the clothing can be moving shape)

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