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How animation movies can tell Chinese story

Dec 07, 2017

How animation movies can tell Chinese story?

Since the 1920s, Chinese anime movies have been developed for nearly a hundred years now. However, its development path has not been synchronized with the pace of development of Chinese films. That is, it has not enjoyed rapid growth along with the rise of China's economic power. Havoc in Heaven has become the goal that Chinese movie people can not cross 

Master monkey figure in Havoc in Heaven

First, in China, due to the lack of an adult anime culture and tradition, animation film lacks a clear audience

Second, and more importantly, China's anime movies are always unable to find their own national discourse structure and its expression

In recent years, one obvious fact is that the entry of Chinese elements into animation movies has become a worldwide trend. Chinese stories and Chinese style in the animation market in the world has become a hot selling point.

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