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High tech toys -- Mind-reading

Sep 20, 2017

Whether it is Disney or Lego or little-known toy brands, a number of high-end toys full of science and technology have entered our world, on the name of children but has also swept the a large number of adult fans. If you think the remote control "flying saucer", "remote control car" and so on are high-tech toys, then you will be out. Today's high-tech toys have become so smart that they can "read the mind". They can communicate with our children in a complex way, play puzzles, answer questions, etc., even change the expression, and have their own personality".

Recently years, some foreign scientists invented a toy called "RADICAPocketMindReader". According to its English name, we translated it as "reading machine" . This "reading machine", the built-in artificial intelligence program will guess what you want. Of course, this incredible function is accomplished by asking you a series of very logical questions and then reasoning through artificial intelligence.

Play this "mind reading", you need first think one thing in heart, then ask it questions, it will set several questions for you, before twentieth, it will give the correct answer by inferring what you want. If you think it is wrong, it will ask again, until the twenty-fifth question is asked, it still guesses wrong before they throw in the towel. In fact, if you always answer the questions honestly, it's difficult to beat it up. The artificial intelligence program, by simulating the human brain's neural network, carefully chooses the questions to ask. However, it is only 250 thousand of program comparing with the human brains millions of billions of neural connections, it is far worse.   The odds is very big when the child paly with its "battle of wits" , they surely can get a lot of fun..

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