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HASBRO announced the domestic authorization plan, Transformers will soon be everywhere

Oct 30, 2017

Recently, HASBRO announced the domestic authorization plan, Transformers will soon be everywhere

In October 18th, HASBRO entertainment company held 2017CLE Chinese authorized exhibition press conference, in the layout  area of Transformers, little pony, PlayDoh, real estate tycoon own brand exhibition announced Chinese partners and authorized strategy and planning.


Authorized products include hardware category, FMCG, food, publications, joint promotion and landing experience of six parts. At the press conference one item is mainly focuses on especially, including Transformers in collaboration with Emma electric launched customized "Transformers" series of electric vehicles (hard line category) and Transformers Auto Union Tour (landing experience), and the opening tour will be in Chongqing at the end of Dec. in xinguang tiandi.

China authorized market is the fifth largest authorized market in the world, according to the global authorized industry market survey issued by the international authorized Industry Association in 2017 this year in May. Since 2015, the size of China's authorized market has been ranked second in asia. At present, the main areas of China's hot IP authorization focus on entertainment / cartoon images and games, animation.

According to HASBRO's second quarter of (up to three months in July 2nd), revenue from the entertainment licensing segment was 51 million 500 thousand, accounting for 5.3% of the total revenue.

Corporate authorized income is the entity embodiment of brand influence. Only when the familiarity of the brand is high enough can it be possible to use the brand to develop the licensing business, which is called the derivative business.

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