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Five kinds of common toys cleaning method

Aug 24, 2017

1. Plush Toys Cleaning-the most accurate and thorough way: in the bucket to add infant and toddler special washing fluid, stirring until foaming, the plush toys and other needs to be soaked toys put in (mother need to supervise, and control the amount of water and laundry), fully soaked after grasping with the hand, let the dirt release, drift clear in the Xiangyang ventilated place hanging dry, of course, some of the big number of wool can be used to play with coarse salt, plastic bag inside the block, and then clean up with salt with dirty dirt Oh.

2. Plastic Toys Cleaning-plastic toys are the most common toys, and easy to accumulate ash, you can use a baby bottle cleaning liquid to clean them oh! For the dirt area, brush with a little bottle of washing lotion, then rinse with a large amount of water, put in the net hanging dry.

3. Wooden Toys clean-wooden toys in the humid environment easily blackening mildew! Cleaning steps and plastic toys similar, but pay attention to wash after washing with clean gauze on the surface of wooden toys clean, each piece is placed in the clean plane to dry, do not forget to tell the baby wood toys in the sun too long exposure, wooden toys easy to crack the truth.

4. Electric Toys Cleaning-electric toys cleaning is more headaches, parents should be in the electric toys before cleaning to remove the battery, and then wipe with a dry cloth. To thoroughly disinfect electric toys, you can buy sterile gauze dipped in 75% concentrations of medical alcohol to wipe the surface from the drugstore.

5. Outdoor Toys Cleaning-some families in the courtyard for children put a swing, slide and other outdoor toys, this kind of toys with clean cloth block or towel, soap cleaning on the line, but because the workload is too large, so it is best left to the big people to clean, the child is responsible for the delivery of towel products on the side, this can also increase his participation.

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