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Family elements contributed in Pixar China's first explosion animation Coco

Dec 12, 2017

Pixar in China's first explosion animation "Coco", family elements contributed the most

Produced a large number of "animation" in the name of the excellent animation Pixar, and finally by virtue of "coco" harvest its first burst in China.


As previously emphasized several times in the box office column, a movie can rely on public praise counterattack, mostly cut a certain group of community psychology or cultural awareness. It is the movie's emphasis on family, the meticulous portrayal of the clan, and the warmth and importance of the family as implied in the lines.

On the other hand, the theme of life and death reinforces the tears in family relations. Especially when the dead are no longer remembered by living beings, the dead will eventually die in the dead world, creating a dilemma where missing fathers and daughters may never see each other.

So although the "coco" far from Pixar's best animation, but in the Chinese market Pixar has never been so successful.

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