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DJI sells third party UAV on its official store

Jan 15, 2018

In the field of UAV, DJI is probably the best known brands, according to a 2017 survey, only in the North American region, DJI UAV share of more than 60% market, which not few companies can chase up. Then why it is selling other UAV ( Tello) at official store? 

Let the young people fall in love with the UAVs first, and then choose DJI, which may be the idea of the DJI.


But as an UAV a price of 699 yuan, the localization of Tello obviously different with  DJI official UAV product, the reason why there is such a price, the official told it is due to the Tello of its "interesting" UAV positioning, this product is more based in favor of the toy and non professional field.


Even it is a toy, to ensure that UAVs have advantages in flight, Tello chose the DJI flight control technology , so it is not difficult to understand why DJI Logo is introduced in product introductions. It also explains why it can be launched on the official mall of DJI.

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