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Children can also experience the fun of assembling furniture through the Meccan toy

Oct 25, 2017

Children can also experience the fun of assembling furniture through the "Meccano" toy

The idea of a designer is to create children's furniture in their own way......


In 1898, Frank Hornby, a Liverpool man, made a combination of holes, iron, bolts and nuts assembled in a car room. In 1907, Horny registered a patent for the toy and named it Meccano. Although the development and popularity of Meccano are not as good as the later Lego toys, the Retro Tin material and the changing assembly methods make it one of the classic designs in children's toys.


Now, the design studio G280 from Korea, inspired by the principle of Meccano, has designed a toy "Toniture", which is made up of the word "toy" and "furniture".



The process of assembling toys not only require children to use their hands, or any part of the body, pointing to the creation." G280 creative director, designer Seo Sunghyeop in an interview with the Co.Design website said: "we request the size of the component design must conform to the children and feel the body size, they can accurately perceive the proportion of time and space in the process of playing."



He hoped that the children continue to interact with the Toniture process, through observation, touch, connection, massage and other methods, using his own imagination equipment small furniture -- can be small Trojans, giraffe, chairs, desks and other various shapes. Through this process, children can initially perceive the basic principles of furniture design.

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