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Buried the big Buddha in the cemetery, planted lavender, and turned the cemetery into a park for children to play with

Oct 18, 2017

In the morning, tidy up the files before computer,

Finding out the Buddha's case by accident.

Although it is the printed 3D prototype

In the studio the Buddha is still sparkling,

As pure as Buddha’s inner heart



Pure buddha

I just can not help but think of the famous Japanese architect Ando Tadao,

He had the "buried Buddha" project in the construction circle caused no small sensation.

Although a lot of controversy, but people who have seen it called a Marvel


This is the Japanese Sapporo makomanai takino cemetery,

The whole project was built as a park for the opening of cemetery 30th anniversary.


This is Ando Tadao's temple,

He named it "Hill of the Buddha"".

Great Buddha head

Big Buddha


Temple is located in the cemetery,

But the gardener hoped that it would not be a dark place.


When the owner of the cemetery found Ando,

The bulk of the Buddha was standing alone in the cold.


“I hope, here will become one place where children will be happy to come"

Oddly consistent with the thought of the graveyard master, Ando Tadao plan to wrapp it up in poetry.

In Ando's heart, even in the darkest of cemeteries, there is the light.

Then he wrapped up the buddha..




It's not just wrapping up,

Before entering the mysterious building,

Ando laid out a 16.2 * 61.2 meter water garden.


First through a long corridor,

The Buddha himself will show in front of people,

You will see the Buddha head surrounded by the halo of the sky at the end of the tunnel.



Ando explains this design:

More mysterious for buddha,

From the foot of the Buddha, looking up to the end,

A more divine sense of ceremony.


150 thousand strains of lavender cultivated by gardeners,

As an important landscape element at the top of the hill,

From the top to the foot of the hill has been built.


The cemetery began its construction in October 2013;

It lasted 3 years and was open to the public on 17 July 2016.

Everyone who saw it was surprised!


The snow in winter, the rain in autumn, the wind in summer,

They fall from the sky and fall into a roof that has never been covered,

As light as a cloud.


Buddha said, "man's life is in one breath."." Something that sticks to the heart is the value that extends life.

Shanghai Dafan creative design- Tang Wei toys, focus on creative products for 15 years, only for boutique! Like Ando, not for understanding, but for the stick of the heart.

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