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Basic knowledge of cartoon sculpture

Jun 06, 2017

Cartoon sculpture also known as cartoon portrait, soft Tao idol, clay doll. The emergence and development of sculpture is closely related to the production activities of mankind, and it is influenced by the social ideology of religion and philosophy in various times. In the Paleolithic age, the primitive stone carving, bone sculpture and so on appeared.

Sculpture is a relatively permanent art, the traditional concept that the sculpture is static, visible, touching three-dimensional objects, through the sculpture to the visual space image to reflect the reality, and thus is considered to be the most typical of plastic arts, static art and space art.

With the development of science and technology and the change of people's concept, the traditional four-dimensional sculpture, five-D sculpture, sound-light sculpture, dynamic sculpture and soft sculpture appeared in modern art. This is due to the emergence of Einstein's theory of relativity, breaking through the world view established by Newton's theory, changing people's time and space view, so that sculpture art from a higher level of understanding and performance of the world, break through three-dimensional, visual, static form, to multidimensional space-time mentality.

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