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Alibaba wins exclusive domestic agency rights for Travelling Frogs

Apr 04, 2018

This only touched the "frogs" that countless users care about finally came to China.

On April 2nd, Alibaba Group announced a strategic cooperation with Hit-Point, a Japanese game company, and authorized Hit-Point to issue its own flagship mobile game “Travel Frog” exclusively in mainland China. This is the first time that Hit-Point has partnered with a Chinese company. Collaborate and bring their game products to China.

 travel frog.jpg

"Traveling Frog" is a placement game that Hit-Point puts on line at the end of 2017. The gameplay is extremely simple. The player only needs to collect the four-leaf clover in the courtyard to purchase three items of lunch, props and amulets for the frog to travel and wait. Frogs choose to travel or stay home while frogs can travel on their own without the player preparing anything. After the launch of the game, the Chinese version of "Traveling Frogs" has reached the top of the list of free download games for the China App Store in China. iOS has downloaded more than 30 million in China and has become a topical game.

travelling frog.jpg

Alibaba said that for players who are limited by language barriers and do not experience game content, they will have the opportunity to experience more localized content after distribution in the country. In addition, Ali stated that as the only authorized business partner of the “ Travel Frogs ” in China, Alibaba, Ali’s copyright trading platform, will initiate omni-channel cooperation around commercialization authorizations, marketing authorizations, and space authorizations, together with the “Travel Frogs ” copyright. Promote international cooperation and help Japanese brands find cooperation opportunities in China and expand the market.

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