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A survey on the baby toy market in China

Dec 01, 2017


A survey on the baby toy market in China: the supermarket store is the main channel for parents to buy products

China Mainland parents want their children to win at the starting line, so they will inspire children's intelligence and stimulate their creativity and imagination through all kinds of toys. According to a survey conducted by the Hongkong TDC, [1], in the past 1 years, 90% respondents bought toys for children to teach and help children learn. When choosing children's toys, the most important factor for parents is "no harmful chemicals" (57%). Other factors include safety (48%) and "can play other toys" (48%).

The survey shows that department stores (48%) and large supermarkets (48%) are the main channels for parents in the mainland to buy baby toys. Some parents also have the habit of online shopping toys. The main channels include home mother / baby shopping mall website / application (24%), cross-border e-commerce website (8%), micro business (7%), etc. On the whole, 85% of the respondents said they would consider buying new brands of baby toys, showing that parents in the mainland did not resist the new baby toy brand.

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