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3 million one day Master Sunwukong landed on xiaomi kickstarter

Apr 03, 2018

Xiaomi kickstarter has released a Brass Ornament, a legendary series of Dasheng. It is designed, built, delivered and provided by the “Bronze Master” brand under Hangzhou Shengyin Culture & Creative Co., Ltd. The special grade A fine brass is used as the raw material, and it is cast with the lost wax method. More than 60 processes are polished by hand, and the natural environment-friendly mineral pigments are drawn by hand. Represented by the famous performing artists and national first-grade actors with a total of 3 models. The kickstarter price was 399 yuan, 1199 yuan and 1799 yuan respectively.

Thousands of people have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts, but most people only have one  in their hearts, that is, Sun Wukong. The Liuxiaolingtong who advocated the endorsement of the short film recalled his career as a Monkey King. He said that life will inevitably be reduced by the actual tight-knot. Don't give up easily.

Just over a day, the crowd has raised more than 3.1 million! To be honest, I'm also very excited about it..

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