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Pink Cute Cat Dolls For Decoration & Display

Pink cute cat with soft touch for decoration

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Focusing on creative products for over 15 years, Shanghai Dafan Creative & Tang Wei toys Factory have committed to creation, product development, mold design, injection molding, spray painting, crafts and other animation works' design and production, helping clients to improve market influence with overall solutions. Nowadays we have a variety of our own original patented products:  MR.WAWOO and spring similing BOBI. Which are very hot selling in the high-end fashion stores in China, welcome to contact for distribution worldwide. 

MR.WAWOO is a pressure relief doll with actions of covering eyes and sticking out tongue when you pinch it, two simple cute actions from childhood is the initial inspiration for the creation of MR.WAWOO. With soft texture, WAWOO makes every one who saw it could not help but want to pinch; It is sticking out the little pink tongue with naughty smile; It is opening arms to cover eyes as if to say " guess who I am"; It will also give out the magic sound "wawoo wawoo", makes you laugh and smile.


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